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The Dry Gloss Manicure Kit


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About Bare Hands
Suzanne (founder) always loved the look of natural nails and found that caring for them in an intentional way really changed how she saw herself. The need for natural goes way back to art school when she learned that many solvents for oil-based paint weren’t healthy. She felt that if those solvents weren’t good for fine art use, then surely similar products couldn’t be good for her nails. She began talking to people about their habits and researching new methods to solve this problem. Soon it became clear that a lot of women didn’t like the way their nails looked most of the time, and none of them had methods to care for them in a truly natural way. For the many of us that spend time working with our hands in studios, kitchens and offices, She wanted an alternative to salon manicures that just weren't a sustainable solution. After 2 years of development, she now has the method that she is truly proud of that is not only healthier for you, but gives people an easier way to care for themselves at home.
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