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Take self-care to the next level with this bath collection. Helps to relieve sore muscles and reduce tension. Each bathing ball contains a natural chakra stone that will reveal itself during your bathing ritual. Once you have all seven, store them in your muslin bag for safe keeping. To regain spiritual vitality and restore balance, place stones in your hand and repeat 11 times “my chakras are aligned.” Additional inspiration and clear quartz are included to help amplify and align all chakras. Considered the master healing stone, quartz opens channels to facilitate the natural flow of energy. Sahasrara - Palo Santo Damascus Rose with Lepidolite (crown chakra) for connection and joy. Ajna - Vetiver and Lavender with Sodalite (third eye chakra) for calming intuition. Vishuddha - Shea Butter Milk with Lapis (throat chakra) for soothing self expression. Anahata - Sandalwood Jasmine with Aventurine (heart chakra) for abundant love. Manipura - Tulsi Verbena with Calcite (solar plexus chakra) to power your inner god or goddess. Svadhishthana - Honey Ginger with Carnelian (sacral chakra) for sensual glow. Muladhara - Seabuckthorn Tea with Hematite (root chakra) for grounding confidence. Size: 7 Bath Balls CBD Strength: 200 mg per ball
Ingredients may be subject to change depending on seasonal availability and other reasons. Please refer to the packaging for up to date ingredients listing.
Floramye’s legacy has roots in the 1920s, when it debuted as a French perfume house. We can imagine our great-grandmothers admiring the art-deco bottles on their vanities, with their striking Lalique and Baccarat designs. They have resurrected the Floramye brand name and its elegant ethos, infusing it with a modern, sustainable sensibility. Today’s Floramye products are blended with fragrant essential oils and created in small batches, just like their namesake perfume. But they are designed to be functional as well, thanks to the addition of a key wellness ingredient: full-spectrum, organic hemp CBD oil. View Products
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