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From the very beginning they have held using all organic products in the highest regard. As America begins to wake up to the fact that “true” health care does not come from a pill but rather from the humble foods that we consume. As we attempt to climb our way out of the ether of GMO’s pesticides and factory farms, they believe there is a desire to still enjoy all of the flavors we have loved so much throughout our lives. They aim to offer a modern pantry of familiar staples that leave behind the sugars and preservatives that have dominated the food culture for so long. In their quest to be as sustainable as possible they use only glass jars. They cost more and are heavier to ship but they believe it is well worth the small price in the long run. They also encourage you to reuse the jars in the kitchen, they fill theirs with leftovers, sauces they make at home, spices and even to collect and organize small objects in the office. They ship in recycled cardboard boxes and use paper to fill the empty space in the boxes. Sometimes they up-cycle other shipping materials that are sent to us by their vendors, so if you see some plastic air bags or other archaic shipping supplies, they did not buy them and are just trying to use them as much as possible before they up in a landfill somewhere.
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Veer & Wander
6 Brady St
San Francisco CA 94103
(415) 864-3012
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