Saya Balanced Moisture  Product Image

Balanced Moisture

Saya Body Wash  Product Image

Body Wash

Saya Cleansing Lotion  Product Image

Cleansing Lotion

Saya Eye Cream  Product Image

Eye Cream

Saya Green French Clay  Product Image

Green French Clay

Saya Hand & Body Lotion  Product Image

Hand & Body Lotion

Saya Hand Wash  Product Image

Hand Wash

Saya Shave Lotion  Product Image

Shave Lotion

Saya Brand Image
About Saya
Saya McDermott has been formulating, researching and training in natural skincare since the age of 17. Suffering through years of eczema and breakouts, Saya tried hundreds of products but couldn’t find skincare that would deliver the results she needed. It wasn’t until she started making her own natural products she finally saw relief. Her experience made her realise there was a lack of diversity in the skincare on offer, with an absence of natural, quality ingredients. Wanting to help others suffering from problem skin, Saya was determined to produce a purely-plant based collection that would not only nourish the skin but also aid it in healing itself. Falling in love with the power of Australian Native Botanicals, Saya incorporates these powerhouse ingredients into all of her products and continues to innovate her formulas to provide a truly diverse, certified organic skincare range.
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