Verso 1 Acne Deep Cleanse  Product Image

1 Acne Deep Cleanse

Verso 1 Enzyme Peel  Product Image

1 Enzyme Peel

Verso 1 Micellar Water  Product Image

1 Micellar Water

Verso 10 Hand Serum   Product Image

10 Hand Serum

Verso 2 Day Cream  Product Image

2 Day Cream

Verso 4 Antioxidant  Product Image

4 Antioxidant

Verso 4 Super Facial Serum  Product Image

4 Super Facial Serum

Verso 5 Eye Cream  Product Image

5 Eye Cream

Verso 5 Super Eye Serum  Product Image

5 Super Eye Serum

Verso 6 Blemish Fix  Product Image

6 Blemish Fix

Verso 8 Deep Hydration Mask  Product Image

8 Deep Hydration Mask

Verso 8 Intense Facial Mask  Product Image

8 Intense Facial Mask

Verso 8 Reviving Eye Mask  Product Image

8 Reviving Eye Mask

Verso 9 Lip Serum  Product Image

9 Lip Serum

Verso Brand Image
About Verso
Verso was launched in 2013 as a utility-minded contribution to skincare, committed to providing essential products that effectively target the skin’s daily needs. With science as a starting point, Verso makes high-quality products with a low ingredient count. No shortcuts are taken in the work to develop products that meet this requirement. Verso is located in the centre of a major scientific-research environment close to the University of Stockholm’s campus at Frescati. This proximity to the scientific community is essential to Verso’s approach to product development. It was new scientific insights about the rejuvenating properties of the vitamin A derivative Retinol 8 that propelled Verso into existence. By clinically testing different concentrations of Retinol 8 under the supervision of doctors from Karolinska University Hospital in the early 2010s, Verso founder Lars Fredriksson arrived at a formulation that proved to be eight times as effective and half as irritative as traditional Retinol.
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